I am looking for a contemporary language that exists between “environment” and “myself” which is constantly changing.

This language means modern and future culture, and it is an important element to solve what “human” is.

I believe that this language can be visualized by understanding “trend of society and the environment” and “truth at the bottom of yourself”.

As a way to feel society’s current mood, I found a creative collective “POSTHYPHEN” and committed to many projects related to branding, design and technology.

There are famous words of Japanese mathematician Kiyoshi Oka.

Whatever the influence of the violet in the field of spring, it is only necessary for the violet to bloom like a violet, it does not matter what the violet does.

I believe that this method is worth pursuing “the truth behind ourselves.”

In my work, a collection of abstract parts creates a concrete image.

Abstract / concrete, virtual / actual, technology / craftsmanship, online / offline, plain / relief, even substance / spirit, war / peace, environment / self …

There are many gradation layers between these binary conflicting languages, and even if one is integrated, it is almost always the case that the other mean.

This contradiction can be said to the “environment” and “myself” at the same time, visualizing them is the purpose of my creative.